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Authorized Certificate For Hong Kong and Macao Investment Enterprises
Foreign Enterprise Tax Affairs License
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PVC-U Series
PVC-C Series
Pipe Fittings
Our company have passed the test of GMC in December ,2008 [2008-12-30]
The last cable shipped to Equatorial Guinea was sent shanghai port. [2008-12-25]
Tomson Participated the 102 Cartom Fair [2007-11-1]
  PVC-U Series
water drain series
water supply series
electrician series
rain water pipe
underground pipe for sewage water drain
underground sprial-wall pipe
spiral-wall series
industry pipe series
  PVC-C Series
electrical cable series
street lamp series
electrical cable bracket
hot & cold water series
hot water drain series
industry pipe series
air condition pipe series
electrical cable jig
          Pipe Fittings
brass inserts
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